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CLUB NEWS || Coaching staff undergoes notable changes ahead of the 2024 season

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Nov 19, 2023
CLUB NEWS || Coaching staff undergoes notable changes ahead of the 2024 season

Eastern United FC would like to thank the departing coaching staff for their contribution to the club during the 2023 season.
The club would like to inform our supporters and members that the male senior department is undergoing a notable shift in coaching staff. The club announces the departure of Pal Prengaj, who spent just one year with the team, as well as the departure of Martin Lara and Nick Boccaccio, both of whom co-coached the Under 18's. While their time with Eastern United may have been relatively brief, their contributions were notable in 2023.

Pal Prengaj, who joined the club a year ago, played a pivotal role in the First Team setup. His departure marks the end of an era, and the club expresses its gratitude for his dedication and hard work during his time at Eastern United. Prengaj's influence on the team and his commitment to the club's success will not be forgotten and will always be welcomed back to the club.

Photo courtesy of Eastern United FC Media 

Martin Lara and Nick Boccaccio, who jointly coached the Under 18's, are also departing Eastern United. Their collaborative efforts with our young Under 18's team proved to be crucial, especially since they joined midway through the season when the team was facing challenges. Despite the team's initial struggles, Lara and Boccaccio played a pivotal role in initiating a turnaround, making a significant impact on the squad's performance.
Eastern United takes this opportunity to express its sincere gratitude to Pal Prengaj, Martin Lara, and Nick Boccaccio.

The club acknowledges the hard work, dedication, and passion they brought to their respective roles. As the coaching trio moves on to new challenges, Eastern United wishes them the very best in their future endeavors.

With the departure of these coaching staff members the club is actively working on securing an experienced coaching team to build on the foundations laid by Prengaj, Lara, and Boccaccio. Our commitment to keep the level of professionalism and commitment on and off the field remains high.