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CLUB || Job Opportunities

Published by Admin EUFC
Oct 21, 2021
CLUB || Job Opportunities

We are seeking a Social Media Manager & Goalkeeper Coach for our 2022 season.


The ideal candidate is:
- Computer and social media savvy
- A good communicator
- Enjoys social engagement.
What they do:
- Develop club social media presence
- Update scores and results regularly throughout at the end of each match
- Interview coaches or players prior a match and after a match and update the videos on the club's social media
- Engage followers to transform visitors into advocates for the club.
Desirable skills:
- Expertise in the use of online networking sites and be proficient in standard Office software applications
- Possess the ability to plan sharp, innovative marketing and advertising strategies
- Respectful and effective communication
- A creative mind
- Concise thinker.
Time required:
- 3 hours per week from November to February (48 hours)
- 5 hours per week from March to September  (140 hours).
- Range between 23.00 AUD per hour to 32.00 per hour depending on experience and commitment
- Total of a minimum  of 4.300.00 AUD (inc. superannuation) to a maximum of 6.000.00 AUD (inc. superannuation).

The ideal candidate is:
- Former Goalkeeper
- A good communicator
- Passionate about football.

What they do:
- Develop goalkeepers from Under 6 to First Team
- Organise 45 minutes training sessions for every Tuesday and Thursday training sessions (Friday isn't needed)
- Take GK warm up prior every match
- Analyse opposition GK and attacking set pieces of the next opponents
- Organise defensive set pieces for every game.

Desirable skills:
- Coaching in the run
- Being able to work in a team environment.

Time required:
- 6 hours per week from December to September  (240 hours).

- Is of 23.00 AUD per hour
- Total of a minimum  of 5.500.00 AUD (inc. superannuation) to a maximum of 6.000.00 AUD (inc. superannuation).