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CLUB NEWS || Eastern United appoints Peter Galanis as Junior Coordinator

Published by Tony Fuda
Oct 26, 2021
CLUB NEWS || Eastern United appoints Peter Galanis as Junior Coordinator 

Eastern United FC is delighted to announce the appointment of Peter Galanis as Junior Coordinator for the upcoming season.

Galanis boasts a strong resume and will bring a a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Saints youth set up. Galanis new job is to ensure the successful management of the junior teams, managers & staff. A key objective is that all off field matters are dealt efficiently and timely.

Peter Galanis
Photo courtesy of Eastern United Media Department

Galanis will also assist the Football Manager into creating a connection between the senior set up and youth set up at the club, as well as reinforcing the club's culture built in the last 9 months.

Eastern United FC President Tony Fuda said:

"While the club is becoming more professional and expanding in all fields, we felt it was necessary to appoint a Junior Coordinator to facilitate some
administration matters and when we found out that Peter Galanis was available, we instantly approached him; fortunately we were to find a deal and bring him in for the upcoming season."

"For us our administrators and staff are as important as our players and having a new member like Peter in our team it's exciting.
Peter will be a massive part of our club this year, his profession as a teacher undoubtedly will help him to deal with players, coaches & staff in a professional and transparent way."

Peter Galanis
Photo courtesy of Eastern United Media Department

Galanis had this to say when asked why he joined the Saints: "When I was asked to take on the role, I already had a fair idea of the successful development of juniors at EUFC and their transition into Senior players. I felt I would like to be part of this process with encouraging all junior players to be the best they could be. I was also swayed by the family friendly community minded atmosphere and their insistence of the EUFC mantra of being inclusive, striving for continued improvement and having respect for all."

He then continued:
"I find the challenges of a Junior Director interesting but also rewarding when these challenges were met successfully. I enjoy interacting with children of all ages and see my role as Junior Director as an extension of what I do everyday as a school teacher. 
I also enjoy communicating with different member of the community (parents, coaches, managers, committee members, as well as FSA Officials) and see it as a positive and fulfilling. I anticipate this communication to continue at EUFC"

Peter Galanis
Photo courtesy of Eastern United Media Department

When asked about his next few months into the role, he commented:
"There are many aspects of this role that I try to fulfil but I am also aware that as time goes on there will be new challenges to face. First and foremost I will encourage the development of junior players. This includes positive approach to their wellbeing and showing care and support.
Fostering a good working relationship with coaches, managers and supporting their role so they are effective and efficient is also essential for me.
I believe in modelling and supporting positive behaviours amongst the EUFC community to contribute to the inclusive environment already present. This support extends to orientating all new players and parents so they transition well into our soccer community and foster goodwill amongst all parents and players."

He then concluded:
"Communication lines will always be open with all members of our community so that parents/players feel they can discuss any matters with me in a confidential and safe setting.

I will be a leader with all matters relating to the club and consistent with our expectations in relation to club standards and discipline."